AI & Cybersecurity: Keeping Your Children Safe

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a pretty big splash and is continuing to evolve and permeate more and more aspects of our lives. This powerful technology is also changing the cybersecurity battlefield. Do you know how it may affect your children and how to keep them safe?

Cybersecurity for AI isn’t child’s play. And what is particularly frightening is that parents are not always aware when their children are interacting within platforms powered by AI. Through AI, their data could be collected and stored, their toys could be hacked and their voices could be cloned with one tiny audio clip. They could even become the victims of cyberstalking and participate in dangerous interactions. 

The bottom line is that our children and teens are using and sharing platforms that weren’t designed with their specific vulnerabilities in mind. There are additional concerns that the predictive analytics of AI could use a child’s data footprint to limit their future opportunities.

Like it or not, our entire society, including our children, is immersed in technology. Consequently, we need to safely harness the benefits of AI, matching the diverse range of needs throughout a child’s development and empower and protect our youth through education and responsible regulation. Our government is currently considering bills prohibiting personal data collection from children and teens and requiring the transparency of technology development.

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