AI Zoom Summary

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has infiltrated many aspects of our lives in a number of ways and Zoom is certainly not immune. In fact, Zoom has incorporated an AI smart assistant that can quickly process data in an effort to provide more meaningful, streamlined, effective interactions in and surrounding your online meetings.

This Zoom AI Companion can assist users with creative brainstorming, drafting emails, chats, messages, threads and summarizing meetings.

It helps prepare event details, speaker bios and is enhanced with features such as conversation analytics, topic trackers and playlists.

Users can compose a chat in the Zoom Events Lobby to communicate with event attendees.

Its Making Queries function can catch-up meeting stragglers without interruptions, providing clarity on what was previously covered.

The Zoom AI Smart Assistant can generate, categorize and refine content for whiteboards.

It can generate a summary of your Zoom meeting, including an overview, which can be shared through Team Chat and email and address next steps.

Zoom’s Smart Assistant supports 32 new languages for asking questions, receiving summaries and even customizing tone.

Want to get a feel for how well you engaged with Zoom meeting participants? It can provide presentation feedback too.

Zoom AI Companion is free to paid Zoom users and offers free trials. So, if you’re looking for more effective online collaboration with time-saving measures, you may want to give it a firsthand shot to see if it works for you.