April Fools!

Don’t be April Fooled! With all of the crazy scams out there and questionable individuals putting profits over people, it is easy to fall prey, but here are some tips to help keep you safe, at least when it comes to computer falsehoods…

Here’s one: You need an expensive hard drive for optimal computer performance. NOT TRUE. There are cost-effective  hard drive options available. All you really need is a knowledgeable computer expert to steer you in the right direction.

Are you worried that anti-malware and other types of security to keep your computer and your sensitive data safe might slow down your system? That’s not the case either because computer security and anti-virus products have greatly improved over the years. Computer “A” Services provides its customers with advanced virus protection and malware, so that your computer will continue to run optimally.

We all love lots of RAM, am I right? However, while adding RAM can certainly be a good thing, it may not ALWAYS make your computer run faster as some might profess. Other issues may be impeding your computer’s speed, so it pays to consult a qualified computer technician if you have questions.

Most importantly, establish a relationship with a local computer sales and service company you trust, like Computer “A” Services. Computer “A” Services can address all your computer needs with top quality, affordable products such as new or custom-built computers and peripherals, as well as exemplary computer repair services. 

…and it is all right around the corner so that you don’t have to track down some elusive business online. You can simply speak face to face with qualified computer experts whenever you need us.