Benefits of a Large Computer Screen

Godzilla, landfills, the Titanic, a 6-inch hairy spider with pointy venomous fangs, a huge jar of pickled
pigs’ feet (apologies to those who find these a tasty snack)…ah, but there are good big things too, and
one of them is a large computer screen!
Consider all the benefits:

 One very important one…well, two very important ones are your eyes. Research indicates that
long hours of work on a computer can negatively affect our eyesight. A larger screen is easier on
your eyes. Larger screens are also typically more technologically advanced because they are
newer, so they have better resolution resulting in less strain and pain!

 It goes without saying that it would be easier to compare or review multiple documents with a
large screen.

 Additionally, you can perform certain tasks more quickly on a larger work surface. In fact, a
study from the University of Utah reports that you can be 52% more productive with a larger
computer screen!

 And here’s another biggie! Large computer screens have become more affordable!
So go big or go home! Just kidding, but really…contact Computer ‘A’ Services for more information or
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