How to Clean Your Computer Screen

The most important thing to remember when you are cleaning your computer screen is that your computer is not a household appliance, and you cannot treat it like one – by using window cleaner to clean the screen. You also should turn off and unplug your computer before you engage in cleaning it because you can actually cause permanent damage by cleaning a screen that is in use.

Those warnings aside, computer screen cleaning is actually a snap! A great way to safely clean your computer screen is with a microfiber cloth – which is made of a soft fabric that will not produce lint. This will help ensure that you don’t scratch your screen or produce debris that is left behind. Items such as washcloths, paper towels, toilet paper and such are all a big “No-no.”

To clean, gently wipe your screen in a circular motion. You may need to pass over the screen a few times to remove stubborn finger prints, but never rub your screen or press too harshly. That could damage pixels in your computer screen.

You can also purchase screen cleaning wipes – an effective, safe way to keep your computer screen clean – at a bunch of places including Staples, Office Depot and through Amazon.

Happy cleaning!