Computer ‘A’ Services’ Back-up Program of Choice

Want to see how easy computer back-up can be? Try Carbonite, Computer ‘A’ Services’ preferred back-up software. Carbonite Server Back-up can recover anything from a single file to an entire system with the touch of a button.

For home use, Carbonite provides:

  • Unlimited cloud storage which can protect a lifetime of photos, music and files.
  • Automatic and continual back-up.
  • Easy restoration.
  • Viewing, sharing or downloading files from mobile devices with the Carbonite mobile app.

With Carbonite Back-up, business owners can concentrate on growing business while Carbonite protects their business interests with features including:

  • Hybrid back-up which offers back up either locally or to the cloud.
  • Hot back-up which provides ongoing protection of data and files while they are in use.
  • Management of back-up, settings, retention and notification from any connected device.
  • Exchange back-up, providing even more control with cross-user data restoration.

Call Computer ‘A’ Services at 386-409-0320, or visit our convenient New Smyrna Beach location at 817 N. Dixie Freeway to find out about the different Carbonite packages available. Our team of professional computer technicians at Computer ‘A’ Services is always happy to help with any questions you may have.