Desktop vs. Laptop vs. Tablet – the Lines Are Blurring

Okay, so a desktop computer with a separate mouse, keyboard and often monitor, was not made to be transported. However, a laptop, which can perform the tasks of a desktop, is a portable computer with a keyboard. A tablet is a smaller, screen-only device that you can also carry. 

Desktops are great because they are the most powerful of the three; laptops are awesome because they can create content similarly to desktops, yet are portable; and tablets are less powerful with less uses, but are often a less cumbersome alternative to a laptop if your purpose is only doing things like watching videos and browsing the Internet.

Those differences noted, the lines between these devices are beginning to blur. Laptops have become smaller and more portable. Plus, now laptops and tablets come in high- and low-end models…from bulkier, cheaper, plastic versions; to sleeker, aluminum shell models with retina displays.

Some of today’s laptops – like Google’s Chromebook – were intended more for watching videos and browsing the Internet, like your traditional tablets. There are also lightweight laptops called notebooks; even sleeker, more powerful laptops called ultrabooks; and slate tablets, which can accomplish more serious work like that of a more traditional laptop.

The bottom line here is that there is something for everyone out there, but you really want to do your homework before you make a purchase, so that you can be sure your new equipment is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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