Don’t Get Scammed!

Computer scams seem to be everywhere lately. We have to be so careful today. You can get a virus through a pop-up advertisement or simply while browsing the Internet. In fact, there is an alarming computer virus scam that is trending right now.

It is a fake computer virus pop-up that mimics Microsoft Security alerts. What is so disturbing is that it looks exactly like a Microsoft Security warning about threats to your computer. This rogue software actually looks as if you need it for the continued security of your computer. However, it provides no security and can trick you into participating in activities that could be dangerous for your computer or even fraudulent transactions! These pop-ups can request immediate action – often a phone call. Some of these fake computer pop-ups don’t even require any action to begin their devastation.

You can “catch” these fake security pop-up viruses by visiting a website that has been infected, or  they could simply pop up on your screen as you search the web. It is difficult to protect yourself from these malicious viruses because they come from such legitimate looking security pop-ups.

If you get this pop-up, it doesn’t mean your computer is infected, but it is always best to be safe. There are some steps you can take after you think you have actually run into one of these viruses. Try to close your Internet browser before the virus has a change to take hold. When trying to close, look for something that says “prevent this page from creating more pop-ups.” Then try restarting your machine. If you are still worried that your computer may be affected in some way or you begin experiencing issues, call or visit Computer “A” Services, conveniently located on Dixie Freeway in New Smyrna Beach.