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Brief Overview of DriveSaver’s Services

DriveSavers work on

  • Solid-state Drives
  • Flash Drives
  • Smartphones
  • Camera Cards
  • Virtual Machines
  • and almost everything else that holds data

When software isn’t an option and without voiding warranties. We work with home owners, renters and business insurance companies when data recovery services are covered. Our Free Evaluations include Free Shipping and we offer those on various devices. We have our services on the GSA schedule, offer reduced pricing for education and non-profits and we also offer eDiscovery and Litigation Services that are legally defensible.

Insurance Covering Data Recovery:

Insurance can often cover the cost of data recovery. For an individual, either homeowners or renters insurance could provide coverage – actually most policies provide some coverage. Coverage may exist by an actual endorsement on their policy or may be able to be extended under “loss of intellectual property”, “valuable papers and records” or “electronic media”. Two areas to look over would be the liability coverage section and the property/casually coverage.

Almost all commercial insurance policies for businesses include some coverage for data recovery. The term “business critical” could apply here.

Brought to you by DriveSavers Data Recovery

Brought to you by DriveSavers Data Recovery

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