Emptying Your Recycling Bin Can Make Room on Your Computer

Taking time to keep your computer “clean” is essential for optimal performance. One way to do this is to review and clean out your recycle bin on a regular basis.

The recycle bin is an excellent safeguard – in essence, the last stop before it disappears. Even though you delete a file, it will be sent to your recycle bin. So, if you delete a file in error, just go to your recycle bin, click “restore” and that file will be placed back within the folder from which it was deleted.

Cleaning out your recycle bin will permanently delete the files that were stored there, so be certain you no longer need those files before you take that step. While files are in the bin, they can be retrieved. Once the bin is emptied, they are gone. And while a qualified IT person may be able to retrieve them from your history, you cannot.

You can also manage your recycle bin by right clicking on the recycle bin icon and clicking properties. Then you can adjust exactly how much space is allotted for your recycle bin by “sliding” left or right. To use this feature, you really need to be on top of things – reviewing the bin quite regularly. If not, you pretty much defeat the purpose of the recycle bin and an item you deleted in error may actually disappear before you can retrieve it. So just be careful with this option.

Cleaning out your recycle bin opens up space on your hard drive and helps your computer run faster and more efficiently. So, the bottom line is that you should take out the trash in a timely manner. If not, things could start to stink.