Free Up Some Space

Free is always a good thing…being free to be ourselves and do the things we want…those yummy free
samples at the grocery and liquor store…free parking…free movies on cable. As my grandpop always
said, “If it’s free, it’s for me!”
Free is also exceptionally good when it comes to free space on your computer. If you run low on
available computer space, you may not be able to install essential software updates, and when you get
rid of unnecessary files on your computer, you free up space for storing new data. Freeing up computer
space can improve the performance of your computer, it can help boost the speed of your computer
and it can keep things running smoothly in general.
So, ask yourself if you really need everything you have stored on your computer….like those games you
never use or that goofy video your friend sent you. Some of the other ways you can free up valuable
computer space are to run a disk cleanup and delete your cookies, temporary and duplicate files.
Defragmenting is also imperative because it puts all of your computer files and folders in order so that
your computer can retrieve them faster.
It may be time for some “spring” computer cleaning. If you have any questions or would like some
assistance, the experienced computer technicians at Computer “A” Services would be happy to help.