Fun Facts About Computers

The mega computer brands of Apple, Microsoft and HP were all developed in someone’s garage.

The first computer mouse was made of wood and the first computer took up over 1,800 square feet of space and weighed almost 30 tons. Now that could make interior design problematic! 

While your wallet may be flush, approximately 90% of all of the world’s currently exists only on computers.

It is a scientific fact that people blink less when they use a computer.

The first webcam was developed at Cambridge University to solve a very mundane problem – monitoring the coffee maker to see when it was empty so that those in charge of making the coffee didn’t have to get up and check.

Having trouble securing the perfect domain name? It may be due to the fact that millions of domain names are registered every single day!

Plus, did you know that computers developed at MIT can detect fake smiles? Uh oh.

And since we live in Florida, you should probably know that, back in the day, Disney fired John Lassater (who would be the future Pixar CCO) for his strong stance on computer animation.

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