Head on Over!

To Computer “A” Services, you are never just a number. You are a valued customer. We build long standing, local relationships based on trust and convenience. Our clients know that we provide responsive, exceptional service whether they are calling from or coming from their home or business. Since, with the help of Computer “A” Services, business owners can avoid delays and rely on the ability to keep their business up and running as usual, they are especially appreciative of the responsiveness of our service. Plus, everyone else can enjoy the same limited computer downtime, resulting in the continued ease of working from home, keeping up with their friends and researching everything from what’s for dinner to the latest and greatest new gadget they desire.

When you call or visit Computer “A” Services, you have access to a friendly, knowledgeable computer expert – one who is right around the corner, which comes with its own litany of benefits…

There’s shipping because when you buy local, you eliminate shipping costs, which are unfortunately pretty high lately. You can also avoid shipping delays, which have become problematic recently as well.

There’s service because a local computer company can easily and instantly handle any concerns or issues you may have. While, with a huge chain or online company, you may have to deal with huge return hassles and you may not even be able to reach a real, live, honest-to-goodness person on the line. 

There’s also the whole trust issue. Computer “A” Services has been proudly servicing and selling computers and computer-related products and services in the New Smyrna Beach area for decades. That speaks (pretty much screams) to the fact that Computer “A” Services IS the go-to company for computers.

So give yourself what you deserve and come on over to your local, trusted source for computer service, sales and parts!