How Do You Know It Is Time for an Upgrade?

Our needs tend to change over time with just about everything in life and that includes our computers. While we may have started out just browsing the internet (which was also more simplistic at first), the demands we now place on our computer may be greater. Maybe we visit more complicated sites; we have taken up playing games with more demanding graphics; or we could really use updated ports and connections for some of those new things we do…all demands our current PC just can’t accommodate.

Aside from our changing needs, there are other sure signs that it is time for a computer upgrade. One is that our computer is actually physically broken, needing new parts or repairs. Maybe it just requires more RAM, which is often a quick fix; or some of us may need a replacement CPU. 

However, it is important to be sure of your total costs when making any changes to your computer. For instance, if you do add RAM or replace your CPU, did you know that in some instances you may also have to replace other components? Those combined required changes could be less cost-effective than actually purchasing a new computer – one with a lot less headaches.

Ah, but there is more. Maybe your computer is beginning to act weird…running slower, making louder sounds like squeaking into action or you hear the fans are running more frequently. Or, worse yet, you get a blank screen or you can no longer install the latest OS versions. 

All of the above are signs that it is time to upgrade your computer. Come to Computer “A” Services at Pappas Plaza on the Dixie Freeway in New Smyrna Beach for computer service you can trust, so you know just where you stand and your best course of action.