Keep Drinks Away from Your Laptops and Computers to Avoid Damage

Liquid spills are the leading cause for laptop repairs – a whopping 60%! Coffee accounts for 40% of those spills that cause computer damage. And here’s another scary thought…the more sugar there is in a drink, the more corrosion it can cause in your devices.

Salt is also very corrosive, and sea water also account for a portion – albeit a bit smaller – of computer repairs due to liquid damage. Poseidon has a little more “juice” that your devices, so – here’s a word to the wise – you may want to just leave that laptop on the condo while you are on vacation.

I know your mama has told you that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Time and time again, life continues to prove that to us. That’s the reason I no longer drink coffee in my car. I had a good long run, but then came the day when the lid just wasn’t totally secure. That was a bad day.

The best solution is to just say no…no drinks anywhere near your computer. And if you can’t keep your coffee away from your keyboard and your motherboard, you may want to start drinking it black and set aside a “slush” fun for the “rainy” days to come.