Laptop/Netbook Purchasing and Specs

In this blog we are going to talk about what your options are when buying a new type of computer.  There are several different types, here are a few:

  • Laptop
  • Notebook
  • Netbook


Below you will find some of the determining factors in what you will want to decide before you purchase.

  • Hard drive size
    • Most important thing when purchasings any type of computer is the hard drive size.  The size is dependent on the types of tasks you will be doing and how much storage space you will need.
    • Although the smaller sizes under 256GB really are not recommend as windows updates themselves can take up alot of space on its own. More often than not “unfortunately” you will hear the Technicians here at Computer A Services telling customers that they are out of hard drive space simply because the hard drive is not big enough to hold windows updates and the data a customer wants to keep.
  • Memory
    • The second most important thing in determining what computer to buy.  For the general user the standard now is (4 to 8GB). Anything more than that would depend on what you are trying to achieve. (i.e. drafting, picture or video editing, gaming).

Note:  The amount of memory that a computer can hold is determined by the specs set by the motherboard manufacturer.

  • Screen size
    • Screen size varies from 13” to 17”.  Anything bigger than 17” will add a substantial  amount of money to your purchase.
    • Touchscreens are a nice added feature.  There can be some downsides to touchscreens.  They are expensive to replace and will need continuous cleaning. Here at Computer A Services we see broken touch screens on a regular basis. They usually cannot be replaced with a regular screen and some customer decided not to repair them and either get a new non-touch screen computer or just retrieve data because they have something else they can view their data on.
  • Cost
    • Now cost is probably the hardest of the decisions.  Do I go with the $200 computer or save up and get what I really need.  What you really need depends on what you plan on doing with the computer.
    • Like memory size, screen size and hard drive the amount of money spent is dependent on the amount of storage needed and how intensive the tasks performed will be.


As we look into purchasing a new computer we must not forget things like antivirus (Webroot), cloud storage (Carbonite) and support (remote Teamviewer) or going into your local computer center like Computer A Services which supports and recommends all of the above tools.
Please feel free to call Computer A Services at 386.409.0320 or stop by our shop at 817 N. Dixie Freeway. You can also find us by checking out our website.