Mac vs PC

Mac vs PC

Mac vs PC – the eternal debate.

Mac vs PC – Which is better? That debate has long been more volatile than politics or religion. Actually though, with today’s advances in the world of computers, Macs and PCs have never been more similar. Software for both is user friendly and easy to learn.

There are some basic differences though. Macs tend to be more secure and to crash less frequently. They also are capable of running Windows, so one could divide space on the hard drive and run both operating systems on the same computer…and enjoy the best of both worlds. PCs offer a larger variety of hardware to fit any budget and can be 30-40 percent less expensive. They also offer more options for customization and gaming. They also allow virtual machines to run any operating system including the Mac’s OS.

Due to price and availability, PCs tend to be more prevalent while Macs tend to be the more elite choice. Bottom line is that it all comes down to personal preference.

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