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New Smyrna Beach Fishing

New Smyrna Beach fishing charters take place on the Indian River and in the north end of Mosquito Lagoon. When fishing in New Smyrna Beach you’ll find regular tidal flow and deep creeks and channels, mangrove covered islands, oyster bars, causeways, and bridges. The Indian River Lagoon begins here at Ponce Inlet and extends 150 miles south.

Fishing is the activity of hunting for fish. It is an ancient and worldwide practice that dates back about 10,000 years with various techniques and traditions and it has been transformed by modern technological developments. Fishing continues to be a favorite pastime in the United States, in 2001, 16% of the U.S. population 16 years old and older (34 million anglers) spent an average of 16 days fishing. Freshwater fishing was the most popular type of fishing with over 28 million anglers devoting nearly 467 million angler-days to the sport.

You can help to take care of waterways so that others may enjoy these areas for years to come by practicing some of the following actions:

Don’t Litter… take along a trash bag or other receptacle for collecting your trash so that you can deposit it in the proper trash receptacle. Use proper dumping stations instead of tossing refuse into the water.

Make sure that you use the correct type of bait and fishing gear permitted in that area. There may also be limits on the number, size, and kind of fish that you can keep. Check with your destination ahead of time to see what the local regulations allow. If you use a boat or watercraft when fishing, check to see what kinds of watercraft are allowed at the body of water where you are going to fish.

Pay attention to local procedures and cautions for cleaning your watercraft after you leave the water so that you don’t encourage the spread of non-native species, such as the Zebra Mussel, to the next body of water you may visit with your boat.

Don’t fish in areas where it is not permitted. These areas have been declared “off limits” to fishing to protect wildlife, vegetation, or for your safety.

New Smyrna Beach fishing charters are minutes from Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, and Orlando. New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, and Oak Hill are Indian River Lagoon waterfront cities located in Southeast Volusia County. New Smyrna Beach is actually the third oldest city in America. The area was home to the Timucuan Indians for over 2,000 years. At the north end of Mosquito Lagoon in New Smyrna, you will see a few ancient Timucuan indian shell mounds along the water’s edge. During the prohibition era, several islands in the north end of Mosquito Lagoon were home to stills and hideouts for alcohol smugglers.

New Smyrna Beach fishing charters also take place in and around the Ponce Inlet area, the headwaters of the Indian River Lagoon, or in the extreme northern portions of the Mosquito Lagoon. Capt. Lemmon guides fly fishing and light tackle lure and live bait anglers for the chance to complete a grand slam in these waters. The remoteness of these backwaters only minutes away from the beachside is a highlight of all New Smyrna fishing trips.