Palm Payment – No Digital Chip Required

Here in Florida, we are loaded with palms, ranging from willowy majesty palms to the statuesque queen palm tree, not to mention Palm Beach and Palm Coast; but now we have another palm to consider (as does the rest of the nation) – palm payment. So, what’s the deal with palm payment and how does it work?

Did you know that, much like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two palm prints are alike? The new, smart palm payment technology uses that to its advantage, enabling users to pay for goods and services by simply scanning their palms. Specifically, palm payment technology combines surface palm scanning with artificial intelligence recognition technology to provide this innovative payment method.

What are some additional benefits associated with palm payment technology? One school of thought is that, because palm prints are unique to their owner, palm payment is an extremely secure method of payment (unless your palm print is hacked of course). They are remarkably convenient too since you never have to worry about forgetting yours at home, nor do you have to deal with those “I forgot my wallet” excuses when it’s your sketchy “friend’s” turn to pay!

The only “labor” involved is that a palm payment user’s palm print needs to be on file in order for this new technology to work. However, after registering your palm print, you simply hold your hand over a scanner at any vendor who participates in palm print payment. Their scanners will then use artificial intelligence to find your print in the system and process your payment.