Quantum Computers: The Future of Computing

Quantum leaps have been made in the development of quantum computers. Once actually built, quantum computers would be a total game changer. Because quantum computer use quantum bits instead of requiring that data be encoded into binary digits – as with the traditional computers we are currently used to – they will be able to solve problems and search larger databases infinitely more quickly and solve problems that traditional computers cannot.

With quantum computers, there are so many possibilities. For healthcare, it could open doors never before opened. Think about it…maybe we will find cures for cancer or Alzheimer’s. When it comes to space exploration, we could possibly discover distant, inhabitable planets. And, for business and national security, since there would be so much more we could do and in such a faster manner, it could change the way we make decisions and what products we are able to create.

Right now, in 2017, quantum computers are not quite ready for the building stage, but there are high expectations surrounding this promising technology. Many governments and military agencies are funding quantum computer research for civilian, business, trade, environmental and national security purposes; and Google and Microsoft have set challenging quantum computer research goals for this year.

P.S. If you have watched as many science fiction movies as I have, I know you are wondering if quantum teleportation is possible. Yes, it has in fact been proven possible, but it is not a form of transport. It only concerns the transfer of information.