Reach the World Instantly; Careful What You Post

The Internet can be a very convenient and effective tool, enabling you to reach your friends, family and prospective customers instantly. Posting on the Internet has truly become something that we rely on, and for good reason. You can post information about upcoming events, changes in business and share photos and time sensitive documents. It really is quite handy.

Conversely, my mother always told me never to put anything in writing that I wouldn’t want everyone to see. And boy is the case when it comes to the Internet and social media…and on a much larger scale! 

When you post on the Internet, remember that you are reaching the entire world with a message or graphics that you can never take back. Think of those questionable posts like a bad face tattoo. Yes, my friends. That stuff is out there for all to see and it never goes away…not when you have your own children who may stumble across it, not when you run for office and your constituents see it, and not when you get your first teaching job and your students happen upon it. 

Then there is the whole “angering folks, slighting or hurting your friends and shocking your grandma” thing. Maybe your sister wasn’t supposed to see that you asked your friend to be your maid of honor or your old aunt Ethel saw that thing (You know the thing.) you did last week. Even what you think might be a very clear comment, could mean something totally different to someone else. Who needs that? 

Aside from embarrassment and hurt feelings, your entire career may depend on what you do and don’t post. Maybe you’re hoping for a big promotion or landing a prestigious job. Yes, employers do check Facebook and a drunken photo definitely won’t bode well. You may also want to rethink making any negative comments about your job, co-workers and your boss. That stuff can come back to haunt you!