Surge Protector vs. Hurricanes

‘Tis the season; and by that I don’t mean the holidays. We’re talking hurricane season here, which lasts through November. In fact, in Florida, hurricane season takes up half of the entire year, so we Floridians know how important it is to prepare for a storm.

So, we stock up on water, batteries, gas and propane. We make sure our generators are ready to go and we have coverings for our windows, but have you adequately protected your electronics? 

Now that electronics have become more sophisticated, their components are smaller and more delicate, making them a virtual meal for strong electrical surges. To achieve proper function of our electronics, they need to receive a stable current at the proper voltage. 

Computers, for instance, are particularly susceptible to power surges. Filled with a bunch of voltage-sensitive components, computers could easily become damaged by an electrical surge. The end result could be data loss (saved or unsaved) or the life of your computer could be shortened. A power surge is even capable of destroying your entire system outright!

So, what’s a person to do? It’s simple really. Just invest in a quality surge protector. It also makes good sense to acquire one with an indicator light that will tell you whether or not it is functioning properly; and, if your computer modem is connected to a phone line, it is also a good idea to plug that into a surge protector that has a phone line jack.

Even if we aren’t hit hard by hurricanes, power outages caused by thunder storms are the norm this time of year. If you have the urge to protect against a surge…or you need anything else at all that is computer related, you can rely on Computer “A” Services – New Smyrna’s trusted source for computer sales and service.