Why you should use Ad Block

Why You Should Use AdBlock

Want to surf the web without irritating banner, pop-up and video ads? Tired of advertisers tracking your every move? AdBlock, a content filtering and ad blocking device for web browsers such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, is a terrific solution. It even works now for some iPhones and iPads.

If you’re like most people, you feel that what you see on your browser should be entirely up to you, not someone out to make money on who knows what. It’s annoying enough to wait for what you want to see to download, let alone waiting for some goofy ad in which you have no interest. With AdBlock, one of the best tools for filtering web content, you can focus on enjoying the content you want to see and spend less time waiting for it.

There are some other great aspects associated with AdBlock. First of all, it’s safe. It won’t save or retrieve your browsing habits for any reason beyond what is required to enable it to work. It also improves security. Bet you didn’t know that online ad subjects users to a higher risk of viruses than surfing adult sites! AdBlock is also free. It is entirely supported by donations. Other benefits of AdBlock include quicker loading, cleaner looking pages, lower memory waste and privacy grained by excluding tracking and profiling. Blocking ads can even save energy and, in the long-run, that means more money for you!