Webroot – Why We Prefer this Antivirus Protection over Others

Webroot is an innovative antivirus protection product, best illustrated by a brief antivirus protection history lesson. Old school antivirus protection methods relied on signature databases to identify potentially harmful files. Then, when malware expanded its horizons to outsmart this protection technique, behavior-based detection methods were introduced. These were effective, but needed to create huge programs to complete their intended tasks.

Webroot doesn’t need to expand to identify every possible danger to your data. It simply strictly monitors unknown programs and files until it determines that they are a threat – needing to be eradicated. Webroot does its job of detecting, eradicating and even reversing any changes implemented by these questionable programs and files very well. 

According to PCMag.com, Webroot aced its malware protection tests. Although lab test results tend to be limited because Webroot is such an innovative detection device that it isn’t compatible with many lab tests, it received good scores from PCMag.com in anti-phishing, ransom protection and light on system resources.

Webroot works on PCs and Macs and its pricing is comparable to other antivirus protection. It is small – only requiring 4 MBs and installs quickly. After installation, Webroot immediately scans and analyzes your system. Then it will run a scheduled daily scan.

In summary, rooted in solid security for your sensitive data, Webroot is preferred by Computer “A” Services over other antivirus protection.