What Kids Are Up To: New Fads in Technology

While there are tons of amazing innovations shaping the world we live in today, adults aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of the new, very cool technology hitting the market. Here are a few of the latest technological advances that children are enjoying…

Believe it or not, there are tons of robot options out there, providing artificial intelligence access to kids. They are interactive, they provide educational games and learning tools and some come with remotes and other sweet features!

If your child is into music, they might like the DropMix Music Gaming System, which enables users to collect and combine music tracks and comes with a multiplayer mode so it can be enjoyed with friends. It’s iOS and Android compatible and includes 60 music cards for popular artists.

For the even younger kids, there is the Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe. This interactive globe offers app-based technology (for both Android and iOS) providing regional information including indigenous animals, weather and more. The only thing your child has to do to get that information is to point to any spot on the globe.

Or, if you have a little inventor in the making at home, you might like the Kano Computer Kit which helps improve cognitive skills and even teaches coding to children, through games and various challenges.