Where to Get Computer News

A good way to get the most out of our technology is to keep up to date with the news surrounding it; and there are tons of great sources out there offering the latest news in technology…

Most of us are probably familiar with pcmag.com/news. Computerworld.com is also a great place to access the latest IT news on tech topics, including emerging technology, hardware, software, security, storage and more.

A fantastic source for technology news you might not be aware of is wired.com, which is an amazing online venue providing extensive coverage of anything new in technology. Slashgear.com offers thought provoking editorial on new technology; tech2.com provides video, photo and podcast coverage relating to advances in technology; and mashable.com provides all the latest and greatest in tech news too.

Sort of a Consumer Reports for the tech world, techradar.com rates new electronic devices. Although similar, macrumers.com specializes in reviews of Apple-related products. If you are a member of the android community, droidlife.com – which is geared toward android products – may be a great technology news source for you.

If you want to gain some insight into new technology, as well as why it matters so much to us, you may want to try venturebeat.com or engadget for your tech news. Concerned about the betterment of our world? Theverge.com provides new product information and reviews with a heightened focus on improving society.