Windows 10 Is Now More Popular than Windows 7

Today, many interesting things are popular, such as Fitbit – a watch that counts our steps; Flossing – for those who may be a little out of the loop like me, that is a dance move, not to be confused with dental hygiene; and Reality TV (I have to say, I still don’t get this one.)….but there is something that has spiked in popularity that may be even more interesting than those things – Windows 10. Windows 10 has now reached popularity levels of such great proportions that it exceeds those of Windows 7!

Now, Windows 7, which was released nearly ten years ago, receives approximately 36.9% of the market share, while Windows 10, running on over 700 million devices, has advanced to 39.22%.

Some feel that factors largely contributing to the jump in popularity of Windows 10 are its recent marketing campaigns, including upgrading PC users to Windows 10 for free and “PC does what,” which targeted consumers with four- and five-year-old computers. Also a big factor in the popularity growth of Windows 10 is Microsoft’s plan to end its extended support for Windows 7 by January 2020. Additionally, many reports indicate that Windows 10 users seem more pleased with the switch from Windows 7 than those who switched from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Now, Microsoft’s hope is that it can successfully target big businesses to upgrade to Windows 10 instead of opting for Windows 7 extended security updates throughout 2019.

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