5 Most Important Changes/Additions in IOS12


In the fall of 2018 a major new update for IPhone and IPad is scheduled to arrive.  It’s a standout feature a new way to turn your face into a living cartoon, called Memoji.  Apple Carplay will get support for Google Maps and Waze in iOS 12.

But let’s not kid  ourselves it’s the mundane stuff that will impact our daily use.   Apple is making is making major strides with iOS 12 towards ease of use and convenience which is worth highlighting.

The following 5 important changes and additions coming to iOS 12.

  1. iOS 12 will make older IPhones faster.
    1. With the new upgrade to iOS 12 will provide a major performance improvement.  EX: iOS 12 will make older phones like the IPhone 6+ run more quickly: 40% faster app launch, 50% faster keyboard opening, 70% improvement in camera opening.  This upgrade to iOS 12 will support IPhones back to the 5S.
  2. The notifications tray is getting a major update, copying Androids best feature.
    1. One major arguments for using Android over iSO is how useful the notification tray is in the former (how poor it is in the later).  Another benefit is grouped notifications in the notifications tray. All text messages will be automatically bundled, rather than showing each one individually.  You still will be able to tap each text to see what it says or swipe left to delete them all.
  3. Customize with Siri Shortcuts.
    1. Siri as it stands now is kind of a mess.  The new tool is called “Shortcuts” and will now allow you to program a series of actions tied to specific command phrases.  When Siri hears the phrase it will automatically enact a series of actions. Ex: if using the phrase “Headed Home”, it will retrieve directions home with the least traffic, text message significant other that they are on their way home, set thermostat at home to 70 and turn on fans.  
    2. Shortcuts is much like the current Automator.  It’s a way of setting up a sequence of actions. In the case of Shortcuts the trigger are run from whatever phrase you set.  “Pretty Cool”!
  4. More control of the use of the phone and more ways to monitor that use.
    1. In iOS 12 you will be able to set app limitations.  Ex: you could limit yourself to 1 hour of social media per day.  That’s the idea! Apple will also add activity usage reports. If you do not want to limit your social media, you can at least monitor the time you spending on Facebook scrolling thru your page.  
    2. There will also be a change from Do Not Disturb mode to Do Not Disturb During Bedtime mode.   During the Bedtime Mode it will withhold on-screen notifications.
  5. Facetime will get support for up to 32 people at a time.
    1. With the addition of up to 32 to people at a time you will be able to bring in the Memoji into facetime and become that inner tiger  you want to be.
    2. When using facetime with that many people organization will be key!  Whoever is talking will show up in the larger square with the ability to tap individual people to put focus on them.  

iOS 12 will run on iPhone 5s and later, all iPad Airs, iPad pro, iPad 5th generation, iPad 6th, iPad Mini and later, iPad touch 6th generation.