There is a new Operating System on its way, and it’s called DaaS (desktop as a service) Windows.

So, what does it mean?  It’ means that for over 30 years we thought of a PC’s as Windows machines that we owned and controlled.    With the introduction of DaaS we will lose the ability to control our PC’s and be made to pay a monthly rental fee.

Microsoft will replace Windows 10 with DaaS.  Instead of owning Windows you will rent it by the month.    DaaS for windows is not new.  Citrix and VMWare have made a living of it for years, whereas Microsoft has used Remote Desktop Services, formally now as Terminal Services.

Microsoft Managed Desktop is a new take, it avoids latency problems by keeping the majority of the operating system on your PC.  With that said you will no longer be in charge of your PC updates.

As it stands Microsoft has been putting out two major updates a year, which are more like service packs.  With all the problems that these updates have caused are we sure we want to give up the ability to handle these updates/service packs when it is convenient for us?  Plus there is the monthly charge to have to pay!

Nonetheless, DaaS is coming.  Just like we saw the migration of office move in the same direction.  By 2021 it is expected that the Managed Desktop will be the traditional Windows, just like office is today.

Much like the days gone by when we went through the PC revolution where we went from being dependent on mainframes and UNIX boxes to have the real power on our desktops.  It was liberating!  If Microsoft keeps moving in this direction the only real choice you will have for an operating system will be Linux and macOS.  Oh, you will still have “Windows”, but “Windows” as your “personal” desktop will be history.

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