Adapting to Changing Times…Curbside Service Now Being Offered for Computer Repair

Oh, the times are definitely a-changin’. It’s scary, but we have to adapt to our ever-changing environment – not just survive, but – to thrive. There’s drive-thru testing for the Coronavirus. Thinking barbequed ribs for dinner? There’s (hopefully) drive-thru service at our favorite restaurants now. Heck, there are even drive-up and pick-up services at grocery stores. 

Today, we need to limit our social interaction any way we can, but what happens for the other important stuff we need? Worried about what you might do if something (and I don’t even like to say it out loud) happens to your computer at a time like this? Don’t. 

If you are having a computer problem…no problem! Computer “A” Services IS considered to be an essential business, so we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS! In an effort to keep our beloved community and our computer family safe, Computer “A” Services is pleased to provide curbside service for computer repair. 

This is how it works…just give us a call to discuss your needs and make a convenient appointment. All you need to do is call 386-409-0320 when you pull into our parking lot and one of our experienced computer technicians will come out to you.

Oh, and there is more good news! Computer “A” Services also continues to provide remote repair service for minor software repairs, program and printer installation and more! Our shop hours are 9-5. We are temporarily closed on Saturdays.