Remote Assistance Is the Way to Go!

Sometimes it is the little things that matter…like a warm cup of tea on a chilly day or when someone with a large cart of groceries offers their space in line to you and your gallon of milk. Sometimes it is the larger things…like staying connected the only way you can. We are certainly living in scary times, but keep in mind that if Computer “A” Services can do anything to improve the lives of the people in our area, we will; and we do…

The team of professional computer technicians at Computer “A” Services is always here to lend a hand to businesses or residences that need computer support; and in these challenging times, remote assistance is the way to go! Computer “A” Services remote repair includes, but is certainly not limited to, minor software issues, printer and program installation and all-around general support.

Simply go to the top of our homepage and click on “Help” to reach our support center. Then you can communicate with us through Teamviewer, a remote desktop service for online assistance that allows us to log into your computer remotely to solve issues.  Computer “A” Services has made it easy to safely download the Team Viewer application to your computer.

Or, to take advantage of our drive-through, curbside service, just make an appointment and call 386-409-0320 when you pull up and we will be right out!

Today we are finding that adapting and adjusting to our new environment can help make life nicer. Let Computer “A” Services make life a little nicer for you. Computer “A” Services has been trusted by residents and businesses throughout the New Smyrna Beach area for computer service, sales and parts for over 20 years. It is nice to have Computer “A” Services – voted “Star of the South” by Daytona Beach News Journal Readers – on your side no matter what is going on in the world.