Keeping Your Computer Clean and Sanitized Is Essential

CLEAN…we like clean clothes, we keep our houses neat and clean and showers feel delicious, but today it has come to more than that. We need to actually sanitize and disinfect to keep things as clean as they should be. We wipe down light switches, door knobs and counters with bleach and other disinfectants. Anything we touch often and anything that can be touched by others needs to be totally decontaminated to keep our families safe; and this goes for computers too!

They might not be the first thing we think of when we think of cleaning, but our computers can accumulate germs and bacteria just like anything else. Computer keyboards, touch screens and on buttons are at a particularly high risk of contamination, especially if your desktop, laptop or iPad is shared by others. Our computers can even become bogged down by food and hair particles and other debris and dust.

So, what do we do? It’s important to be vigilant about computer cleaning these days. You can start by cleaning your computer daily and any time a different person comes in contact with it as well. You can gently wipe down your computer and screen with those special wipes specifically designed for computer cleaning. However, if you don’t have them, a tiny bit of alcohol on a microfiber or dust-free cloth will suffice.

Keyboards can be cleaned by first gently turning them upside down to dislodge any unwanted particles. Then you can use a cotton swab with a tiny bit of alcohol to go over and around the keys for a deeper cleaning. With everything, make certain you are shut down and unplugged first. Happy cleaning and stay safe!