Apple iOS 16 Released

Apple has released its new software and here are some cool things to know about the iOS 16 features and updates for your iPhone…

With the new ability to edit and unsend messages, we (not mentioning any names here) no longer need to worry about those late night texts we really shouldn’t have sent our exes and no longer will we be plagued by embarrassing errors! Yep, simply “Undo Send” messages and correct typos you notice after the fact. That feature alone is worth the cost of a new iPhone – just sayin’. You can also now mark messages as unread so that you can reply to them at a more convenient time. 

Visual Look Up was sweet before, but now you can tap and drag things out of your photos. Sorry about your luck, photo bombers! SharePlay can work in tandem with Messages now, so you can chat while sharing shows or music. 

Some safety measures have also been put into place, like…Safety Check allows you to reset who has access to your location, passwords and other stuff; and parental controls were added to iCloud.

Plus, just press and hold to edit your lock screen’s photo and color. You are also free to add lock screen widgets and create multiple customized lock screens. Always-on-Display, which can keep important info on your screen even when your phone isn’t in use, is another handy, new feature.

A great add-on for sports enthusiasts (among others) is the new Live Activities tool which enables you to view real-time updates on your lock screen instead of dealing with constant interruptions. Notifications also appear vertically at the bottom of your display so that they don’t cover your lock screen photo and they make one-handed use simpler.

When it comes to the almighty dollar, Wallet App can now protect your birth date as well as provide ID cards from more states; Apple Pay supports more payment types and allows users to split and spread out costs; and Apple Maps added transit fare cards.