iPhone 14: Apple’s Newest iPhone

Well, it’s out and about…Apple’s newest cell phone, iPhone 14; and – as usual – Apple’s newest edition is teaming with fresh features.

It’s got an action mode for smoother hand-held videos. There’s also a cinematic mode for movie-like recordings. When it comes to photos, the Apple iPhone 14 offers high resolution, color accuracy and a true-tone feature which makes it easier on the eyes by automatically adjusting to ambient light, and it boasts larger, wider, low light photos.

Made from durable aluminum and topped off with a ceramic shield, it’s a tough one too. The Apple iPhone 14 is also water-resistant and provides up to 20 hours of battery life or up to 26 with its Plus version.

This new iPhone’s lock screen is customizable, it is bigger than before (6.1 and 6.7 for the iPhone 14 Plus), it provides live updates from favorite apps, as well as app tracking transparency so that users can decide which apps are allowed to track their activity.

Safety is also a frontrunner for the Apple iPhone 14, with emergency SOS capabilities which enable emergency access when users are off the grid and without cell service; and crash detection, triggering an SOS so that it can call for help if you can’t. This feature can detect a serious crash and will dial 911 if you do not respond.