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Apple Music Sing Sets the Stage for Epic Sing-alongs AND Uses Microchips Made in the U.S.

You know that old adage, “An apple a day…”? Well, since it is a proven fact that music offers a host of health benefits AND with the introduction of Apple Music Sing, it packs even more punch. Take note! Apple Music Sing is an exciting new feature enabling Apple Music subscribers worldwide to easily sing along to millions upon millions of songs.

Adjustable vocals and real-time lyrics allow users to sing lead or back-up vocals and even perform duets, and Apple Music Sing comes jam-packed with the most popular songs. So use the easy to adjust vocals, the animated lyrics, the simple to follow, independently displayed background vocals and the multiple views providing  accessibility for more than one singer to sing along with your favorite (and even not so favorite, just for fun) music artists.

Apple Music Sing makes singing in the shower obsolete, but don’t worry! You can still take advantage of all those fabulous shower acoustics, because who in their right mind wouldn’t?

Plus, if you prefer to buy products that are made in the U.S.A., here is something to sing about no matter how you choose to do so. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple is set to become the largest customer of United States manufactured microchips from a plant in Arizona. Previously, Apple made all of those types of purchases overseas. This change in Apple strategy is due in part to the CHIPS and Science Act Law, which was enacted in 2022 and provides incentives for companies to assist in the shift of chip manufacturing to U.S. soil.