Google Updates

Updates and new features can make your system more reliable, secure and a whole lot more convenient and fun. Let’s take a look at Google’s most recent updates and see what it has in store for 2023…

First off, you may notice the new face of Google. Yep, Google has come up with a slightly new appearance for the manner in which its pages appear in search results. More helpful than that, however, is the fact that Google is paying more attention to your entire page experience, including its speed, usability and a more comfortable read without the inundation of too many ads. Who wouldn’t want that?

Now there are also update prompts that help resolve app crashes and automatic updates have been enabled for those who lack Wi-Fi access or have reached their mobile data limits. At the risk of repeating myself, who in the world wouldn’t want that too?

If you’re looking for fun, the Google Play Store offers new features providing easier access to apps and games; it is optimized, providing an improved installation process with faster downloads; and Google Play will automatically archive apps and preserve your data when you need more storage space. 

Of course, there are security and privacy upgrades. Plus, there is a new voice feedback support feature, an improved kids’ menu format for large screen devices and game cluster views on Play for Chromebook. Plus, there are tons of Wallet-related upgrades, including the fact that you can manage payment cards on your Fitbit device with Wallet and Wallet users can select to exclude loyalty cards imported from Gmail.