Go Retro with Tidbyt Technology

Today, we can pretty much enjoy a bunch of different, fun technology at every turn. Take Tidbyt, for example, a low-fidelity, retro, smart display – which is basically a customizable display that comes in a walnut frame and can easily fit on a shelf or your desk.

You can use Tidbyt to check the time, weather, your investments and a bunch of other application options you can choose to tailor your tidbit to your specific wants and needs. The folks at Tidbyt are consistently adding features, like calendars, transit schedules, pixel art and custom message displays. Plus, things like sports apps and Zapier are coming soon.

Because it can be customized, every Tidbyt is unique. Want to check the stocks and your deadlines every morning? Tidbyt cycles through your selected apps one by one, stopping at each for the particular amount of time you choose. Adjustable dimmers and night mode can automatically or manually alter brightness, and you can use your Smartphone to choose what, when and how you want your apps displayed.

And then there are those of us who prefer our contemporary computers for all that stuff. Those you can always find at Computer “A” Services. Just stop in our convenient Dixie Freeway location in New Smyrna Beach and we can hook you up with all the bells and whistles above and so much more!