apple vs fbi

Apple Vs FBI Update

Apple vs. FBI Update

The details…

Apple is attempting to overturn a court order to unlock an iPhone 5c used by one of the San Bernadino shooters. The court asked Apple to assist in the FBI’s investigation by bypassing the auto-erase function activated when a wrong pin or password is entered several times, as well as provide a recovery file on the device so that the auto-erase function will not engage.

Apple argues that they have worked hard to ensure the security of their device and should not be asked to weaken those same protections. Apple believes this would set a dangerous precedent, put consumer data at risk from hackers and compromising users’ privacy.

Most recently…

The Department of Justice requested and was granted a delay of the previously scheduled March 22nd court date, and the battle between the two U.S. giants is continuing to heat up. Apple’s attorneys have called the FBI’s argument “disturbing” and the FBI calls Apple’s attempt to stonewall them “desperate.”

Where it stands…

The judge that ruled against Apple was set to issue a ruling on March 22nd before the FBI requested a postponement, but any ruling would not have been final. An appeal can then go to the district court judge, a court of appeals and, finally, the Supreme Court.