Remote and On Site Help!

Get Computer Help without Leaving Home with Remote Help or Onsite Repair from CAS


If you are like just about every living, breathing being, chances are you are spending way too much time trying to fix computer problems. Ahhh, but there is a solution! Computer “A” Services (CAS) has launched a new site to provide remote control help sessions. It’s called NSB Rescue.

All you do is log on, explain your basic problem and within a very short amount of time, a highly trained CAS computer technician will respond to your request and talk you through your system’s error. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy, and you don’t have to lug your computer into a repair shop! It’s great for snowbirds, or anyone who just wants to make life simpler.

At Computer “A” Services, we are always trying to make your life easier. If you like, we can even send a trusted, specially trained technician right to your home or business. The beauty of this is that we can trouble shoot for you in the exact environment in which the computer is causing issues. This is an ideal and effective way of solving problems or setting up systems.

Computer “A” Services is the local computer solution for any business or residential location. Our door-to-door residential services include repairs and upgrades, wireless setup, virus removal and security, system tune-ups and residential networking. Commercial door-to-door services include virus removal and security, server installation, wired and wireless, networking designs and installation, workstation repairs and upgrades, well as storage solutions.

With Computer “A” Services, there are never any surprises or hidden fees. We explain each repair before we complete it, and our service is 100% guaranteed. Computer “A” Services has provided trusted, reliable computer service to the New Smyrna Beach area for 18 years.