Browser Choices

There are a ton of things that can affect our internet experience, such as our computer itself and our internet service provider, but let’s not forget our browser…and how do you know which browser to choose? Let’s browse through a few of the top contenders, shall we?

The heavyweight champion of this competition has been and continues to be Google Chrome, quite possibly since it really is the best bet for ease of use. It’s a quick loader with a cool design, limited compatibility issues and just an overall simple tool for all platforms.

Apple Safari, with its elimination of unnecessary clutter, compact and convenient tab bars and exceptional integration for browsing between devices, is a great browser choice for Mac users.

Microsoft Edge is a top performer, memory manager, runs on Mac or PC and its mobile versions for iPhones and androids allow you to sync your passwords, favorites and history. It’s also terrific for space conservation as well as organizing and planning.

Firefox, which is big on privacy, excellent interfacer and can even save a page for later with one click, is another popular browser choice.

There’s also Opera, which offers innovative conveniences such as a built-in ad blocker, quick access sidebar and can send web pages and notes easily between devices.

Vivaldi is a quick, highly customizable web browser, but it can be a little complex.