New Computers Made Easy

Need to make a new computer purchase, but dread the thought of getting things up and running? No need to be anxious about your computer set-up. Now, it’s not to say that setting up a new computer is as easy as plugging in your phone charger, but it can be a painless process if you are properly prepared and you set aside enough time to calmly go through the required steps.

First you need to buy a quality, cost-effective computer and accessories from a reputable company – preferably one that can help you if you have questions and be there for you both during AND after your purchase. This step includes determining exactly what you need for your computer set-up, which may include items such as new software, a new monitor, keyboard and mouse, in addition to your new computer which should have enough ports to accommodate your peripherals.

Now that you have completed step one, I can sense your trepidation. No need to worry though. Your computer likely offers a tutorial which is easy as pie and will guide you through the entire set-up process, including your preferences for your background screen, your desktop arrangement, icon and font sizes and type choices.

You will probably have to load new software as well, and this step is pretty straight-forward too. For instance, most software is simply downloaded from the Internet. Finally, you most likely want to transfer your files, which PC users should find easy with OneDrive. You can also just place all your files on an external hard drive so that you know they are safe and sound, while keeping a clean slate on your new computer for your new files.

And, if you happen to decide you prefer not to set up your new computer yourself, that’s okay too. You can always trust Computer “A” Services in New Smyrna Beach to take care of any and all of your computer sales, service and repair needs…efficiently and affordably.