Tech Tips for Not So Techies

Does technology intimidate you? Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Technology and all it brings with it is scary for a lot of us, but don’t let the technology that was designed to help you hurt you. Here are a few tech tips that may help you overcome your fear and enjoy technology just a little bit more:

Want to look smart on Zoom calls or FaceTime? It’s best to place yourself at eye level with your camera and, for optimal lighting, you want to position any lights in front of you – not behind.

Have a million…or almost emails in your trash file to delete? You don’t have to delete them one at a time. You can select all to rid yourself of every one or choose to delete by date so you can eliminate all the emails that are years old while you buy yourself some time to go through the newer ones more selectively as you have time.

Also, did you know that when you are looking for a particular email, you can search by subject, sender or keywords instead of painstakingly scrolling through hundreds of emails?

If you are overwhelmed by junk mail, as so many of us find ourselves, a good way to reduce some of that unwelcome correspondence is by unsubscribing to those emails you continually receive. Just be sure not to click on any links from unknown senders while you are at it.