Cache & Cookies

If you are a resident of this planet and you have used a computer, you have most likely heard the terms cache and cookies, but do you know what they are? It’s pretty simple really. Both cache and cookies store data to help improve your browsing experience. 

Cookies store user data, including things like your overall browsing habits and preferred web pages, using that information to determine your interests. It may sound a bit creepy, but cookies are actually good – just like the food. They are pretty harmless and basically just enable websites to customize information according to each visitor’s preferences – enhancing the overall web visit. 

Cache stores data for the purpose of accessibility, decreasing loading time for future visits to the same site. Cache is more of a long-term tool which can take up a lot of memory on your devices and needs to be manually deleted. Cookies, on the other hand, take up less space and have a limited lifespan. 

So should you regularly delete your cache and cookies to free up valuable computer space? The answer to that depends. You see, while you may enjoy more space when you delete your cache and cookies, your browsing experience will become slower and you will be asked to log in to the sites you frequent time and time again. However, when your cache and cookies become a problem, that is a different story. For instance, when a website is updated, your cache data and cookies can actually result in page loading difficulty. Then it is time to delete your cache and cookies.