Choosing Between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

Both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer serve the same purpose. They are web browsers, programs designed for displaying websites. They are also both free to download. However, they do have some fundamental differences.

Internet Explorer is a proprietary browser that was developed by Microsoft and available only for Windows. What this means to users is that any updates, new features or fixes can only be provided by Microsoft. Conversely, Google Chrome is open source, so any code writer can fix bugs and modify it almost immediately. It is also available for download on Windows, Apple and more.

Google Chrome, with its limited options under preferences and one larger browser window, was designed to be more streamlined and, subsequently, offers more room to view the page. Internet Explorer is more traditional in nature and looks and feels more like Windows with more options in plain sight.

Ok, so let’s talk speed and extras. Chrome is based on the same rendering engine as Apple’s Safari web browser which is a bit faster; and while Explorer provides sufficient add-ons, Chrome offers over-the-top add-ons.

Explorer offers a better tab system – one that doesn’t compress until you can’t see it. Instead it shrinks to a point and then forms a scrollable bar. Explorer also warns you if you close the window and have multiple tabs open. Chrome can do this if you alter your settings.

And while Chrome used to be considered more secure, Internet Explorer has addressed previous security vulnerabilities in its latest version, so word is that both are similarly matched in security at this point.