Computer Buying Tips

In general terms, a good computer purchase is largely dependent upon how well a computer meets your specific requirements. So, before you shop computers, ask yourself how much memory, power, speed and external ports you need.

How much memory is enough? If you’re just using your computer for the usual stuff, without a bunch of over the top programs or games, at least 8-16 GB is typically suggested.

What about speed and storage? Solid state drives (SSDs) are faster than hard disk drives (HDDs), but either way, at least 1 TB of storage space is recommended by computer experts for typical use.

What type of computer will work best for you? If you have very little space for a computer, an all-in-one computer might best accommodate your needs. If you work with high-end graphics or you are a gamer, you will probably want a desktop and laptops are great for those on the go. Plus, here’s some good news: Whatever you choose, you may want to keep in mind that larger monitors are more affordable than they used to be!

Next, of course, you will want reliability and convenience, which is exactly what you will get when you purchase a computer at Computer “A” Services. If all of the options are overwhelming, you can count on us to steer you in the right direction and provide you with the most affordable computer for your particular needs. Plus, we’re right around the corner, not seven calls away!