Computer Dos and Don’ts

We can probably all agree that one of the most frustrating times on the planet is when your computer shuts down due to a malfunction of some sort and you lose everything you have worked on up to that point. Frequently saving your work can save you hours of headaches. Additionally, battery back-ups are great help if a thunderstorm suddenly pops up, catching you unaware. No worries though if you have a battery back-up device, providing you with ample time to save your work. Of course, you always want to back-up your work too and take the time to go through the proper computer shutdown process when you are finished. 

You don’t want to eat or drink around your computer because a spill can be life-threatening to your computer. Overheating can take quite a toll on your computer too, so keep your computer in a temperate climate. It is also important that computers are able to cool down, so take care not to block any areas on your computer that require some breathing room. That includes being careful to set your laptop on a clean, hard surface, as opposed to your couch or the clothing on your actual lap.

Speaking of clean, you also want to keep your computer clean inside and out. So try to keep it dust-free and clear of items you don’t need to save. If you have any computer questions or are having any computer problems, feel free to reach out to the local computer experts – Computer “A” Services!