Computer Monitor: Matte vs. Glossy Finish

Matte or glossy finish…Are we talking about the new paint on your kitchen walls? Nope! One of the latest questions plaguing the tech world is, “Should your next computer monitor upgrade be glossy or matte?” 

We enjoy many choices when it comes to our computer monitors, from size to resolution, but glossy and matte finishes also offer their own set of pros and cons…

Glossy finish computer monitors are becoming more and more popular for upscale, high pixel density displays. They look prettier. Our phones have them. Heck, people are even opting for them on their laptops even though they may use them outside in the sun at times.

Since matte monitors can make pixels more visually distinct, their finish may not be as ideal for premium displays, like your high end 4k panels or an LGC2. However, matte or extra matte finish (Yes, that is a thing.) monitors are still often preferred, less reflective choices for office applications such as spreadsheets and budget displays…easier on the eyes, one might say. If your primary concern is computer screen reflection, it is also a good idea to make certain the placement within your viewing environment isn’t negatively affected by glare from windows or overhead lighting.

If you still haven’t chosen a team, there are some compromises available. For instance, there are semi-matte computer monitors which are a bit less aggressive; you could opt for an anti-reflective screen with a high luster look; and LG offers a monitor that diffuses light without affecting your picture too noticeably.

If you would like more information about the type of computer monitor that would best meet your needs, Computer “A” Services can monitor that for you!