Hostage Situation? Computer “A” Services to the Rescue!

In today’s world, business can be tricky, especially with increased hacker activity and other cyber security issues such as potential sensitive data and systems hostage situations. It’s scary out there, but Computer “A” Services is here to help.

At Computer “A” Services, we consistently strive to provide our clients with the latest and best possible virus removal and security services and products available in the industry. Additionally, since cyber-crime has risen to new heights in the form of sensitive data, website and computer system hostage situations, and is entering the small business arena with surprising speed; Computer “A” Services also makes neutralizing these types of threats a major focus. In fact, we have our own cyber security team on staff to further protect our clients who rely upon digital tools for their business and could experience a paralyzing blow if faced with a ransomware attack.

Trusted since 1998, Computer “A” Services expertly meets today’s residential and commercial computer service, sales and parts needs, whether it is in our store at Pappa’s Plaza on N. Dixie Freeway in New Smyrna Beach, at your home or place of business or with remote online help services. At Computer “A” Services, we also offer custom, affordable computer solutions including repairs and upgrades, networking, wired and wireless set-ups and storage. Plus, don’t forget Dixie, our in-house mascot and super cat who is also at your service. Kidding…she’s mainly just cute. 

You can reach us at or by calling 386-409-0320.