Computer News for 2024

There were some very exciting things happening at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the technology event considered the world’s most influential. Here are some of the latest developments that may interest you…

Their Best Laptop award went to the Lenovo Think Book 13x Gen 4 SPE and for good reason. This dynamo has E-ink technology built into its lid, allowing users to personalize the top cover with color, photos and even animation. Pretty cool, right?

Not as surprisingly, nearly every laptop now lists its AI components at the forefront of its marketing efforts.

Ryzen 8040 series processors are definitely now – at the very least – on par with Intel’s newest mobile silicon in gaming and the latest AI implements.

For all you hard workers and very socially connected people out there who are always typing, the Clicks Keyboard attaches to iPhone 14 and 15.

Technology is also leaning toward making Smart Home accouterments invisible with items like ceiling lighting which can double as a projector and Bluetooth speakers.

Sennheiser Headphone, with a unique subwoofer for music you can actually feel as well as hear, also offers superior quality, noise cancellation and battery longevity; and there are now cheaper alternatives to the Apple Vision Pro Headset.

The new Evie Smart Ring rivals smart watches and there are rumors swirling about AMD bringing a more financially-friendly desktop GPU to the table.