Google Photos

Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage tool for securely backing up and accessing your photos and videos from any device. 

Picture this…

Free Photo Storage Space

A spin-off of Google+, Google Photos shares 15 gigabytes of free storage space with other Google services. To expand this space, users can compress photo or video files. If you need even more, you can expand your photo storage space further through a subscription.

Group Photos by Face

Google Photos, which organizes photos by automatically grouping similar faces, can help users find photos of their friends faster.

Find Photos Faster

Another way that Google Photos helps users find photos faster within their numerous photo library is with an advanced photo search function, which gets smarter every time you use it.

Eliminate Photo Redundancy

It saves space with a built-in detection feature which automatically detects duplicate photos during the uploading process.

Share Photos

To set up Google Photo Partner Sharing, launch Google Photos, tap the Sharing icon at the top left of the page, type the email of the intended party, then choose exactly how you would like to share your photos: all photos, photos of specific people or photos from a specific date. Then just tap send an invitation and the recipient simply needs to accept to enjoy access to the photos you have selected.


It’s all a pretty easy process, but there is also a Help Center available.